Thursday, May 28, 2009

Silly Baboon!

Poor Kai woke up tonight with his first nightmare. He said a big baboon was in his room throwing pancakes at him and he wouldn't stop! I feel so sad for him that he was so scared, but it also is really funny that the baboon (from a book that has jungle animal magnets that you can stick on the pages) was throwing pancakes! He sat downstairs with us and watched t.v., had a chocolate chip cookie (gluten-free, of course) and then was ready to go back upstairs. We told him that if the baboon comes back he should say, "Silly baboon! You eat pancakes! NO THROW pancakes!" (this is something we are constantly saying to Noah.....the "NO THROW FOOD!!!!" part...we don't call him a silly baboon...though just imagining that is making me laugh out loud right now as type!)

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ShirleyNewLife said...

It's so good to see your postings again. Hurray, you're back.

Poor Kai - what a scary stress dream.