Friday, June 26, 2009

I wish there was a garbage disposal in our tub!

I tell, ya, I've scooped so many solid bits of 'food' (in various states of digestion) out of our tub the past 3 weeks, that I wish I could flush my tub like a toilet or run the garbage disposal on it! It's REALLY gross! Anyway, this instance of tub cleaning was at least food that hadn't been puked or pooped out. Noah is a messy messy eater and loves to smear food in his hair and on his shirt, pants and high chair. This was a particularly messy dinner and I was at a loss at how to even start cleaning him since everything was covered. Chad said to just put him in the tub, and so I did! Worked pretty well! I got the chair, clothes and kid clean!
(the 'before' picture doesn't really capture how gross he really is. But he had a layer of slime all over him!)

(Sorry for the constant potty theme's in my past 3 posts. We've been dealing with way too much bathroom yuk for the past 3 weeks. Can't get it out of my mind or the smell out of my house!)

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ShirleyNewLife said...

How sad to have weeks of poop.
Time to open the windows and blow the stink out. :-)

Good plan - wash Noah and chair in the tub. Thinking outside the box - or the tub.