Wednesday, November 4, 2009

10 seconds

I could hear Kai and Zeze playing downstairs today and I heard the most amazing and rewarding thing! Here is their interchange...

(I'm holding my breath at this point waiting for the hitting and screaming to start)
Zeze: "I'm sorry, Kai."
Kai: "That's OK."
followed by happy playing sounds.

1st - We've been working with Kai a lot about telling people when he doesn't like what they are doing to him instead of screeching unintelligibly. He did it!!!

2nd - Zeze apologized without ANY prompting or time-outing from me! AMAZING! And, he spoke a whole sentence SO clearly!

3rd - Kai, yet again, verbalized and said it was OK!

4th - Kai let it go and didn't carry on screaming and crying and yelling for me to come down and give Zeze a time out...which often is the other scenario to this interaction.

What transpired peacefully in 10 seconds could easily (and often does) become 1/2 an hour filled with time-outs and mean mommy voice. Thank you, God, that my boys are learning to interact like actual people and less like rabid squirrels! It was so nice to be "thanked" through a moment of manners and good behavior...all my efforts ARE sinking in!!


ShirleyNewLife said...

Hurray - this is such a great milestone for both Kai and Zeze.

You're doing a great job as a mom. So good that you got to hear the positive results of your hard work.
You go girl !!!

ShirleyNewLife said...

I love Kai's comment from the other week:
"My bum burped."

Kristina said...

That is rewarding an exciting! It shows you are doing the right things as a teacher and example.

Lovesgarlic said...

Wow, that is so great Debby! It is like light at the end of a long and dark tunnel of time-outs!