Friday, October 22, 2010

Copy Cat

Noah has an amazing ability to mimic people, their actions, their tone of voice (he can't say the words they are saying, but the intonation is spot on), etc.

The other morning I got him out of bed and he ran into the bathroom climbed up on the stool (a new skill learned this week which takes some quad strength to push up with one leg!), grabbed one of my barrettes from the counter and pretended to start shaving.

He watched Chad shaving one time last week and tried to copy him then, but this was a week later and Chad was not even home! Noah 'shaved' while acting as though he was looking in the mirror, doing a few strokes, rinsing the 'razor' in the sink, stretching his lip down to shave under his nose, pausing to look for more stubble, tilting his head to see the side of his cheek and then shaving a little more. I mean, it went on and on. I could have believed he was really shaving!! He was so accurately pretending to shave while using my barrette as the razor! He did all that from watching Chad ONCE a week ago! Amazing!

I think this kid is actually freaky smart, but he's trapped in a body with weak muscles with low muscle tone that won't let his face muscles form the words he wants to say nor let his body climb up onto the counter to get the real razor!


ShirleyNewLife said...

It's so wonderful to read this about Noah. We celebrate with you !!!!!

Thanks for relating how frustrating it must be for him to be trapped in a body with low muscle tone .... and not being able to say the words he wants.

Though.... it is fortunate that he can't reach Chad's razor yet. Maybe

ShirleyNewLife said...

I was at work today when you called my cell - and was doing the cash register. I called you back and left a message. Maybe you can't get it with your coffee drenched phone. Anyways.... give me a call.

Love you,

Lovesgarlic said...

Of course he is smart. He is your (and Chad's) child! He will be the first American president with Down's.