Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Little Whine and a Desperate Heart

Sorry I haven't had too much to say lately. My kids have been sick since before Thanksgiving! Zeze had a vomiting bug. Kai had strep throat. Zeze had strep throat. Noah had the vomiting bug all through the night Friday, Zeze all day Monday and then Kai all Monday night. Now Noah just vomited again today!! Plus we have all the IEP meetings, annual check-ups for all the specialists the kids (mostly Noah) go to, plus pre-op visits for Noah's upcoming adnoidectomy and -oscopy explorations! Oh and 2 major holidays and 3 birthdays all within 4 weeks! I guess I just needed to whine a little bit because I'm so worn out! I expect and am usually prepared for the regular busyness of November and December (holidays, birthdays, doctors, IEPs etc.), but the Strep, vomiting and upcoming surgery are tipping me over the edge a little bit! Ok, whining is all done! :) 
I have to say though, that due to all the vomiting going on this week around here, my "vomiting reflexes" have improved dramatically!  In the begininning of the week I just stood there stupidly, my reflexes slow as cold honey, watching as the child covered the entire bed, rug, clothes, teddies or whatever.  Today, however, as Noah started, I caught the vomit in one hand (yes, it's gross, but so is scrubbing puke out of a rug), scooped him up in my other arm and booked it to the sink, throwing (not really) him in just in time for the full stomach-wrenching heaves began!  In a sick (ha ha) way, I felt like a hero saving my couch, the rug, toys, maybe a cat from getting covered yet again!  Yay me!!! Hey, you've gotta find triumphs and humor somehow with a week like this!  
In all seriousness, I am very excited to be getting ready for Chad's "meat sale" at his work! He's going to 'sell' chicken wings and pulled pork sandwiches to all the guys in his shop to help raise money for Sergei! I would love to help Sergei get even more money in his adoption account! Some of the kids on Reece's Rainbow's Angel tree have recently been transferred to institutions!

Alexander and Max were recently transferred from their baby orphanage to the institution!!  (      (
Gavin is at the same orphanage that Alexander was just transferred out of and he is 2 months older than Alexander, so his time is coming in the next few weeks/months!!!  Please see Julia's blog post titled "Aaron's Nothing" about the institution from which she just adopted her son, Aaron.  She is Gavin's Christmas Warrior and if fighting to raise money to prevent Gavin from going to a place just like her son's former institution.

It makes me so sad and almost desperate to do what I can to help Sergei (or any of the kids) get adopted before having to go there. It sounds awful!  I know I can't save them all and that there will always be orphans and homelessness, but I can't just sit and ignore it anymore.  It hits home to know that these kids are only there because they have Down syndrome.  They aren't murderers or savage beasts, they just have 1 extra chromosome that makes them smile more, give more hugs and take a little longer to say what they feel...just the same as my Noah.  Wouldn't you go crazy if you knew that all girls with blue eyes, or all boys with red hair were abandoned at birth and sent to hellish places to live?  It feels just as outrageous to me, that kids like my son ARE going through this!

Please help!  If you can't adopt, donate some money and spread the word.  The kids with large adoptions grants get chosen very quickly!  Please be a part of keeping Sergei from the institution!
Thank you!


ShirleyNewLife said...

You are awesome !!!
You've had a brutal 2 weeks.
I like how you've developed super-power reflexes to gags and puke.

I also am touched by what you wrote concerning Sergei and other kids with Down syndrome who are in orphanages. You've motivated me to do more than I have.

By the way.... I'm so far behind on Christmas decorating, cooking, and making presents that I won't be able to pull it together until January.

Love you,
Mom / Shirley

Lovesgarlic said...

A very honest - and excellent post Debby. You do have to find the humor and accomplishments where you can, esp when you are a mom. I think catching puke (and not puking yourself) is pretty cool. So is making your way through all you have for this month. We support you!!!

ShirleyNewLife said...

I hope and pray that Thursday and Friday are much better for you.