Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time for a new post.

It's been awhile!  I don't have much to say, but I want to jot down a couple of 'funnies' the boys have said recently so that I won't forget them. 

The other night Kai said, "Mama, Jesus lives in my heart!"
Me: "You're right!  It's so wonderful you know that, Kai!"
Kai: "I can feel Jesus in my heart at night when I'm in bed."
Me: "Wow!  That is SO great Kai!" (Me thinking: Oh my goodness!  Did Kai accept Christ and I didn't even know about it? Does he see angels and stuff?  Do I start talking about sin and forgiveness and all that stuff with him now?!!!"
Kai: "Yeah, He goes 'bump BUMP, bump BUMP, bump BUMP' in my heart.  He's very bumpy."

We spent some time with my dad this past weekend and I suspect he was saying one of his favorite quotes to my boys, "Hi ho, Silver!  Away!!!"  I'm pretty sure I've never said that, and I know that my dad often said this when I was growing up at different silly opportunities, so I'm betting it may have come out of his lips while the boys were running around, back and forth all day.  The reason I bring this up is because yesterday Kai and Zeze were running around the house yelling, "Hi, old slipper! Away!!"
Zeze had a pile of vitamins to eat one morning and he says to me, "Mom, my vitamins are going to go in my mouth and watch a show.  This pink one is the mommy vitamin and she is very nice.  She let's them watch shows and take long baths with bubbles and toys." (I made him take a quick shower the night before without bubbles or toys and I didn't let him watch his show afterwards.)  *sigh*

It was an overcast morning and Zeze and I could look at the cloudy-covered sun and see its whole dim outline.  When Zeze spotted it he shouted, "Mom, it's a shiny moon in the sky!!!!!"  (I love his creativity!).  I didn't want to crush him so I just said, "wow!", but he persisted.  Because, like a dog with a bone, Zeze does not give up until I give him definitive answers about things....no vagueness allowed!  He asked, "It's a shiny moon, right?" So I told him it was actually the sun that looked dim because of the clouds.  Wanting definitive answers, yet always looking for an argument, coupled with thinking I am very stupid and that Kai is the be-all-end-all of earthly wisdom, Zeze confidently condescending says, "THAT is NOT the sun, mama!  There are no lines coming out of it (like when I draw a crayon picture of a sun)!!  It is a shiny moon!"  We went back and forth a couple of times with me gently trying to explain, to no avail.  At his last assertion that it was a shiny moon, I said, "Wow, Zeze!"  He let it go at that.  I'm not sure if my tactic made him reluctantly realize his folly, or more likely, he concluded that I actually AM the stupidest person he knows.  I can't wait for the arguments we'll have when he's 13 and not 3 (sarcasm is dripping from those words).  :)


Shirley said...

Ha ha ha ha ha so funny.
You've cheered up my gloomy day with the boys creative comments.

Can I use some of these as sermon intro's?

Love the hearts sprinkled across your blog page. Very pretty and cheery.

Shirley said...

Yes, it was Dad who made the "Hi Ho Silver" comment. The Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers were/are still his favorite cowboy heroes. The Lone Ranger would always shout "Hi Ho Silver, Away" as he took off to chase and catch the bad guys. Silver was his horse.

Can't wait to tell Dad the "Hi Old Slipper" version..... chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

Shirley said...

We visited with Grammy Grace and Grandpa Arthur today. Of course we told then your stories from this post. They laughed and were so happy to hear about the kids and their view on life. They especially liked the "Jesus lives in my heart.....bump / Bump