Friday, March 25, 2011

Kirill and Kameron

I need to highlight two other families that desperately need help. 

The first is the Davis family who is trying to adopt a sweet little boy with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe.  They met in that country's court last week and the judge said that they could not adopt Kirill because he has Down syndrome and he is better off in an institution!!!!  They are taking it to that country's Supreme Court and apealling the decision, as there was no other reason the judge declined the Davis family from adopting from that country.  Here is the Davis' blog.  PLease pray that the court will grant the appeal, in which case it goes back to the original judge to be tried again.  The judge told the Davis' that if the appeal was granted and sent back to her court she would not fight it. 
Here is a link (here ) that talks about Kirill and his family in case you want to read more than the tiny bit I've posted. 

This is a video of sweet Kirill meeting his mom, Tesney, for the very first time along with a second link telling more about their first visit together. 

Kirill was the first Reeces Rainbow child that I was drawn to, prayed for and donated to.  I've always had a special place in my heart for him and have been praying for the Davis' during their looooong process to adopt him.  Also, there are 2 more families waiting to go to the same judge to try to adopt 2 other children with Down syndrome.  If Kirill's appeal and 2nd trial fail, then these families most likely won't be granted adoption of their sweet kids!  A lot is at stake here!!!  Please pray!!!

The second family is the Beamish Family.  They are adopting a little girl named 'Kameron' and are leaving this Sunday to go get her!!   They've already raised $7000, but still need about $8000 more to pay for their trip.   Here is a link that tells their story and tells about being able to win a Kindle and an IPad.  Please pray that they can raise the money to actually bring their little girl home and please donate if you feel lead. 

Thank you so much!

2 comments: said...

Boy, that video, that room, that whole exquisite experience brought back a flood of memories. My heart breaks for that family as they wait and continue to fight the system. I remember being told "no" too, and how there was an outpouring of prayer and support, so you can bet I will be praying for those people, their calling, and that judge. Keep us posted!

Shirley said...

My heart and prayers go out to the family and to Kiril. I'm praying that the appeal is granted and the original judge gives approval.

And I cried seeing Kirill and his mom-to-be hugging.