Monday, November 28, 2011

Last 3 Days!

Only 3 more days to donate to Sergei's fund to be entered into the Kindle Fire giveaway!
Please email or comment on the blog when you donate so that you can be entered. Giveaway closes at midnight on Wednesday the 30th! Giveaway details are HERE
Please share with your family and friends, let me know and you can receive extra entries!!

Also, Check out this huge fundraiser that includes Sergei and 12 other forgotten Babes on the Angel Tree.  Spread the word about and donate to these precious children!!  PLEASE!!!



Jaimie said...

I donated $10 to that sweet boy (Confirmation #0G333493LV3456051) ...he so needs a home!

Debby said...

Thanks, Jamie!

Shirley said...

Debby, the Passed Over Babes fundraiser is great !!! And what beautiful wooden, carved ornaments as a prize. I know the person who makes them.

I can't donate until the end of the week. I haven't forgotten, but need to wait until payday.