Friday, December 21, 2012


Thank you to everyone who donated to Sergei!! We raised $844.40 for him!   That's pretty great!  His account is now at $12,106.  That will surely help a family that chooses to adopt him.  Thank you, again for your generosity!!!

Here are the winners of my giveaway.  1st place gets first pick of the prizes, 2nd gets second pick, etc.   I'll contact those whom I can.  Please contact me and let me know your email address ( I'll notate below if I don't have your email. ).  Thanks, again!

1st Jamie P.
2nd Lori S.
3rd Jamie from blog comment ( I need your email)
4 Molly C.
5 Christine N
6 Lisa W. (I need your email)
7 Kathy S. from blog comment
8 Shirley M.
9 Julia N.

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