Sunday, November 16, 2008

Out Came the Sun

Okay, so I'm finally getting time to write about that busy day! See previous post.
Puke and Diarrhea: Kai got out of bed, stood up and started puking straight out of his mouth. The look on his face was one of total surprise and confusion. He hasn't puked since he was 1 year old, so I don't think he knew what was happenening. His expression just looked like he wanted to say, "what the heck is happening? Why is my stomach heaving and making that sound (and then) Why is stuff flying out of my mouth?"
Later that morning he got off the couch and started saying "hurt. hurt. Owww". He passed some foul gas and I knew that in about 1/2 hour we were both doomed. Sure enough, I was right.

Only 2 Pee Breaks: Chad had a meeting at work from 9a-5p. Nobody would leave the meeting to eat or stretch or even use the bathroom!!!! What's the matter with those people! It's not like it's surgery or something. He was the only one to get up and leave that whole time and he only left for 2 pee breaks. Poor guy! That's no way to live!

A Bite On the Nose: Noah was laying on the floor on his back and Zeze crawled over and planted a nice slobbery open mouth kiss on Noah's face. I thought it was SO cute! Zeze was all snuggly and was talking to Noah like he talks to his little Lammy stuffed Lamb when he's going to sleep and sucking his thumb. Suddenly Noah starts SCREAMING and I couldn't figure out why, but he was MAD. Later that day I was laying on my back on the floor and Zeze crawled over to me to give me a kiss. I was excited to be receiving such love until I was overwhelmed by the amount of his drool starting to pour over my mouth (not open) and down my cheeks. I felt like I was drowning and was starting to wipe some of it off my cheeks when he bit my nose and held on! Made me want to holler just like noah!

A Dark Exchange: I found some toys for Kai on Craigslist and wrote to the lady and arranged a place to meet and buy the toys from her. I don't know if you guys have ever done a Craigslist transaction, but it totally seems like a drug deal or something you'd see on TV. It was dark. We met in an uninhabited parking lot in a town post office that neither of us live in. She flashed her lights to signal to me. I parked my car and grabbed my cash. She pulled a box out of her back seat and I rummaged through it. I counted out cash and gave it to her. She stuffed it in her pocket. I grabbed the box and stuffed it in my car and hid it so Kai wouldn't see what it was. We both drove off our seperate ways never to see each other again. Weird way to buy Christmas presents, but Oh So Cheap!! It's not really as dramatic as all that, but it did seem odd when I thought about it later.

Lost, Estrogen, USAA and the Big IDEA: Chad got out of his all day (only 2 pee break) meeting and was registered to attend a conference/talk about the different laws in for Special Education (it was called IDEA vs. 504. Both of those are laws about Special Ed. We haven't actually debriefed about the conference yet so I still don't know what they are for!) The talk was in a conference room in a building, at a buisness park campus, in a nearby city. He got lost and couldn't find the park and then didn't know where the meeting was in the park (b/c the people didn't tell us. They just listed the park). He picks a building with cars out front and goes in. He finds a room with sign on the door that said it was sponsored by the same organization that was sponsoring our talk. He goes in and 10 women's heads whip around and 10 angry faces instantly stare at him. He was quick to catch the hate vibes being hucked his way and to catch the fact that there were no men present (except him). He commented on that with a nervous chuckle and one lady said, "No there aren't men her (with a "duh" in her voice) this is an Estrogen Support Group". He quickly ducked out. Ok, first off, POOR CHAD! 2nd: what is an Estrogen support group?!!?! and why are they all so angry! He said it was like a bad Seinfeld episode or something.

Next, he called me to tell me all this and ask if I new where on the campus the meeting was and was telling me about the Estrogen angry ladies and also about the Schitzophrenic Teen Support group he almost walked in on. We were on speaker phone so that Kai could say hi to daddy. Suddenly Chad yells out "Son of a -----!!" I say, "Um, you're on speaker phone!!! Kai better not repeat that at his Speech Evaluation tomorrow!!" Well, poor Chad locked his keys in the car with the car running. He still hadn't found the conference and now had to call USAA for them to pick the lock! (All the spare keys for the car were at home sitting next to the magnetic boxes waiting to be put on the car. I could have woken up the twins and loaded up Kai (who had the puke/diarrhea bug) and driven 40 mins one way to give him the key or I could let him call USAA. Anyone having to contemplate waking up 2 babies to put them in the car and getting a puking 3 year old also into that car knows that I was not looking forward to rescuing my husband. USAA was his hero, not me) All turned out ok. He found the conference (but was 1 hr late) and the tow truck guy called when he got there and was able to get the car open so Chad could go back to the conference. It was a rough day for him!

The Itsy Bitsy Spider: I just had to add this cute thing! I put Kai to bed by myself (Chad and I do it together or Chad does it alone) since Chad was out partying with Schitzo Teens and Angry Estro-femes (hahaha). It was the sweetest thing. Kai and I snuggled in his bed and sang songs in the dark. We sang Jesus Loves me, a Deerfoot Song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Silent Night. Oh, to hear his sweet tiny voice singing those songs with me...melting, melting!! and to feel his small hands doing the hand motions to the Itsy Bitsy spider....all snuggly warm under the blankets and giggling together. Heaven! I love my boys!!! Moments like these make the puke and diarrhea fade away...."out came the sun and dried up all the rain...."


Lovesgarlic said...


David, the last time he threw up, announced - "my stomach is scratchy" - then threw up in the toy drawer.

Poor Kai!

JamieLFP2002 said...

WOW, what a day, Debby! I can't believe what happened to Chad...