Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

I almost got all 3 of them smiling at the same time! Maybe a little photoshop would make it happen! :)

They all matched to go to church today! Zeze also got his first haircut this morning!


Becky said...

oh those are so cute! i love them!!! when you said "they all matched for church today" i thought that was in reference to them in their pumpkin costumes..and i figured you just brought them to church in those or something. i was actually sort of suprised, but just moved on..then i came to the pic of them in actual matching "outfits" not costumes..hahah. that makes more sense. although showing up to church in Halloween costumes would be pretty funny.

ShirleyNewLife said...

Your 3 little pumpkins are so cute. Did Kai have fun getting candy?

The boys look adorable in their matching church outfits. said...

I've tried so many times to log on and read your blog but always seem to get interrupted before I get finished. Go figure! Today, however, I finished and LOVE the pictures and funny stories about your everyday life. You are a GREAT mom and I love that you find little bits of time here and there to write about it. Your little pumpkins are adorable!