Tuesday, October 28, 2008

High Maintenance Trains

First, before I start my story, I have to proudly announce that Noah scooted forward on his belly twice today!!! It was an army crawl and was one "step" forward to get a toy. I egged him on and he did it again another time!! Yay, Nano!!

Ok, we play this game with Kai sometimes where we ask him questions about things to get him to say "yes" to the right answer. For example, if I were holding a banana and were to say, "Is this an orange?", he'd say no. And then we'll go on naming other things to which he says no to until I say, "is this a banana?" and he joyfully shouts, "yes!!"

Here is our conversation earlier.
me: Kai, did you poop?
Kai: No. (the sagging diaper, the stink and the rapid denial plus avoidance indicated otherwise. So I started to play the game to see if he'd actually admit to pooping.)
me: did zeze poop?
kai: no
me: did nano poop?
kai: no
me: diiiiiid KAI poop?
kai: (silence for a few seconds) diiiiid SCOUT poop?
me: no (I'm laughing now)
kai: did sage poop?
me: no. Did Kai poop?
kai: no. did Gordon poop? (that's one of the trains)
me: no
kai: did Thomas poop?
me: no
kai: Yes, Thomas pooped!!
me: Ok, then Thomas needs a diaper. (Much to Kai's surprise I took Thomas and went and put a kleenex diaper on him. I think I blew his mind!).

Then I went upstairs to put the babies down for a nap and when I came down I could hear him saying. "Gordon poop." "Thomas poop." "Other Thomas poop." and he was putting kleenexes on all his trains! Funny kid!


ShirleyNewLife said...

Hurray for Nano. A commando crawl. !!!!!

You are very clever - putting a diaper on Thomas the train.

And Kai is very clever - using distraction to avoid having his diaper changed. It is great that he was roll playing the diapering with the trains. Cool.

Lovesgarlic said...

What is it about little kids and wanting to stay in their own stink? Can't they smell it? Doesn't it burn? Doesn't it squish around in there while they are playing?