Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yesterday I noticed that Kai had 3 small linear holes in the front of his shirt. I figured it must have gotten caught in the washer somehow and torn. I said outloud, "What happened to your shirt?" not really expecting an answer. Kai runs over to the desk opens a drawer and pulls out a pair of sewing scissors and says, "cut". I couldn't believe it! I've had those scissors in that drawer since day one and he's NEVER EVER shown any interest in them and never played with them or anything! 1. I'm amazed he used them. 2. I'm amazed he knew how to use them b/c he's never used scissors before. 3. How did I not see him do it? We are on top of each other all day long and I usually know his every move. 4. I'm so glad and amazed he didn't cut himself or his brothers!!

Well, I hid the scissors and then this morning while I'm making his oatmeal, he runs in the kitchen and says, "All gone! Cut all gone! Hiding!" Yeah, so who knows what project he's been working on when I'm not looking. There's probably some oragami-like bird down in the basement somewhere just waiting for the last few snips!!


ShirleyNewLife said...

yeah - Kai's next cutting project may have been his hair OR his brothers' hair.

Becky said...

that was soo funny!! what a sneaky sneak~!

ShirleyNewLife said...

See your kids can sneak so much past you -- and you never know. That's scary.
By the way - Kai's pulled out those scissors before. He did it when I babysat for you when you gave birth to the twins. Then several times after that. I'd put them up on the shelf above the computer.

You gotta watch out for these quiet kids that move silently :-)

Dad said to watch out for Zeze. Now that he knows how to pull himself up in the crib -- soon he'll be vaulting himself out over the top. Zeze is really strong and agile.

Lovesgarlic said...

Wow, my kids haven't even tried that yet. Keep your "trouble-maker" type Pasho kids away from us!!!!!