Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Season Is It?

Ok, this first picture was taken last weekend (end of September). Note the pretty foliage colors. The second picture was taken of the cherry tree blossoming in front of my home. When was it taken?? Today!! What's up with that? I've never known a fruit tree to blossom in the fall in New England. Just like I don't expect to see any daffodils popping up in the next few days either. The funny thing about this tree is that it's completely naked except for that little cluster of blossoms and the 2-3 leaves around it. It's been covered in gypsy moth webs/tents for a couple of months now and those nasty worms ate all the leaves off the trees and left it smothered in nasty sticky grey webs. Well, the other day I went out and scraped off all the webs (it's a very small kind of pathetic little tree, but I love it b/c it makes the sweetest big cherries I've every had) and underneath was this flower and a couple of leaves. Chad and I wonder if there is some symbolism we're supposed to get here. Any ideas? Something to do with More Than Conquerors? Chet and Sandy, you guys know a lot about trees and plants, has it been so warm this summer that plants can have a second crop a second or third cut of hay? Nobody really has to answer my questions, just kind of pondering out loud, but I do love to receive comments!! :)


ShirleyNewLife said...

You're blog is so great. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Yay - you're cherry tree survived the caterpillars.

Would you believe that my tomato plants have blossems again? Wish the basil plant would get a clue.

Lovesgarlic said...

I picked raspberries today with the kids. No joke. They are late season ones though - but still it was great.

Debby said...

I can't believe you both have things blooming/fruiting now too! That's crazy!! I hope I get a couple of cherries out of it!!