Saturday, October 25, 2008

"I'm WINNING!" (said with the voice of Mr. Bean in the movie Road Race)

I just "won" my first item on ebay!! I'm obviously not very skilled at bidding on it since I've bid on numerous things and always lose. I usually end up buying stuff with the Buy It Now option. No drama. No losing my item in the last 20 seconds of the bid at 1:30am. I guess I get a little crazy about it (yes, I've waited up until the wee hours and watched...and lost), but I get so excited with the bidding process. The screen keeps saying, "Congratulations! Your bid is WINNING!" as the clock counts down. I hit refresh, "You're WINNING!". refresh. 1 minute left...."You're WINNING". 20 seconds left, "You've been outbid and LOSING. Hurry and rebid before time is...Sorry, you have LOST this item." Man! I lost again!! I usually go upstairs and whisper to Chad about my bidding drama and he says he's going to have to cut me off. Hahaha! It's true!

So you can imagine my delight when the countdown happened and there were 20 seconds left and it said, "You are WINNING!!" As the clock ticked down 5,4,3,2,1 I cheered!! Just then the screen changed and ebay said to me, "Thank you. You have just BOUGHT this item. Payment is due....blah blah blah."

What?!!? Couldn't you just give me a small congratulations or hip hip hooray because I won? You (ebay) were egging me on the whole time saying I was winning and then as soon as it's over you say, "pay up pal with your Pay Pal account." I guess I felt a little deflated after that. I mean, I knew I was buying the product, but ebay is so tricky and preys on emotions with that Winning/Losing stuff and then says, "Yay, you bought something. whoop-dee-doo"

So now Chad and I joke about mundane purchases by saying, "Congratulations!!! You just BOUGHT your groceries!!" or whatever else it might be.

Stupid ebay! :) :)


Chad said...

just a couple points of clarification. Debby is no newbie to eBay. She's been losing for years, so this is a huge deal! I'd also like to point out that she's using MY eBay for street cred, but overwhelming my email with bid/outbid/you-lost/try again/make-an-offer notices. I think it's about time she get her own account:-)

Lovesgarlic said...

What did you win????

Lovesgarlic said...

You know what else is weird about winning and odds?

Tom and I just had this conversation about the babies taking a nap today, at the same time. I asked him what were the odds that both kids would nap and he said each kid had a 1 in 3 chance of napping - so they had a 1 in 9 chance of napping at the same time. And I though, OH MAN, THAT SUCKS!!!

But then I thought, if someone told me I had a 1 in 9 chance of winning $1,000,000 I would be all over that.....


ShirleyNewLife said...

Hurray, you won your auction !!!!

yeah - I can identify with ebay's getting us caught up in the whole "winning" the bid thing.
I got caught up watching my bid be a "win" until the last few second. I even had my rebid all ready to send, and my mouse pointer on the "Confirm bid" button.

When I was selling items on ebay for the thrift shop, I'd get really caught up in watching people bid on our items -- and hoping they'd sell for some huge price. Nope - didn't happen.

What a bunch of hype the whole thing is.

Debby said...

I bought some coupons. Lame, I know. They were 20% off coupons that cost me a couple of bucks but saved us $$ on a big purchase. Worth it, but a lame first win.

curtis klope said...

"So now Chad and I joke about mundane purchases by saying, "Congratulations!!! You just BOUGHT your groceries!!" or whatever else it might be."


And Heather, that story about Tom calculating the odds of naptime is awesome... I can totally picture that conversation happening.

man, it's been WAY too long since we've seen all you guys. :(

Debby said...

Curtis!! It HAS been way too long. :( When I read your comment I pictured you laughing and holding your chest (or your laugh hole, as Becky calls it). We miss you guys too!