Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not quite what I was imagining

Ok, picture this....a huge carved-out pumpkin, two adorable twin babies....something like Anne Gedes' pictures pops into my mind where the baby looks so cute inside this pumpkin. Heather even got an adorable shot of David inside a pumpkin when he was a baby. Should be fun and easy! The boys will love it!! NOPE!

Zeze wouldn't even touch the pumpkin or stand next to it. I got Noah in, but you can see his misery in the progression of pictures below as he sunk lower and lower inside it. Kai didn't even want anything to do with the pumpkin. So I said to myself, "Screw it, I'll carve my own damn pumpkin without all you ungrateful little boys!"
Mom, I'm starting to understand what it must have been like for you to drag 3 whining girls apple picking or strawberry picking or any other nature-ish seasonal event...the moms love it...the kids hate it! Don't even get me started on the trip to the little fair we went to this summer. Ok, I'll start a little...I LOVE LOVE LOVE country fairs. My boys do not. The whole fair ended for us with a symbolic event that pretty much summed up the whole experience. "Kai, it popped"....."Kai, it's gone."......"Kai, it's dead!!!" Followed by wailing. This is what Chad said to Kai after Kai saw his ducky balloon animal blow out of the stroller and immediately get run over by a passing gas truck. POP! "Where is it?" "Balloon?" "Duck?"

good times!

Anyway, back to the pumpkin: it took me 4 days of carving (a few minutes here and a few minutes there) and I finally got it done today! Kai actually liked it when he saw the train. He said, "Wow, it's Gordon! No, it's James!!"

I'm going to try to cook up my pumpkin seeds soon too! I won't expect Kai to like them or even try one, but Chad and I will LOVE them!


Lovesgarlic said...

I really like your pumpkin Debby! Sorry the photos with the kids were such a drag. I know what you mean, kind of a disappointment!

Chad said...

so yeah, and to top it all off, the seeds were awesome. But of course, I started thrashing on the ground like a colicing horse not 60 minutes later. Debby will be enjoying lots of seeds...

ShirleyNewLife said...

Your idea and your pumpkin are super. What do little kids know about the finer things in life.... sitting in a pumpkin, strawberry picking, and things like that.

Your sweet & salty pumpkin seeds are so good. Enjoy them.

Your cut-out of the train is awesome. Great job Debby!!!

I really love the photos of Noah in the pumpkin. They are priceless. I bet that Anne Geddes has lots of photos like that. She must have to take 100 to even capture one of a kid smiling.

Lovesgarlic said...

What is a colicing horse? I take it that means that the seeds made you sick?

I picked raspberries this week! Can you believe it? My CSA farm, where I get my other produce, still has raspberries growing. She let me pick all I want for free because they are going to die off as soon as the frost hits (it hit).

You know what is funny? The little kids whine and cry when being dragged along to apple picking, the country fairs, etc. But then, as adults, they come to love them. Like us. How does that happen? ;-)

Debby said...

you lucky duck! i didn't pick one raspberry this year! a colicking horse is when they have severe intestinal pain. they lay on the ground and kick at their sides and roll. they often need surgery to fix their intestines or they die. pretty awful way to go. anyway, when we get intestinal pain here we say we're colicking like a horse b/c it hurts so bad. usually, for us, it ends with a mad dash to the toilet (sorry for the graphic nature of this! I think only family reads this anyway)

Becky said...

deb, i love your pumpkin!!! you did such a good job!. and the pics of noah in the pumpkin are really really cute. even if he isn't too happy about it :)