Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Learning to Share....

Learning to share (or hoard all your toys up higher where your brother can't reach them!!) As you can see in the second picture, Zeze figured out that he can pull himself up at Kai's train table. I snapped the picture just after it happened. You can see how happy Zeze is and how Kai looks like he's just starting to realize that trouble is brewing!! Fun Fun!

The first picture is from our walk this weekend. It was beautiful out!


Lovesgarlic said...

Yeah, Kai doesnt look too thrilled in that second photo. Ha, ha, ha. The fun begins.

ShirleyNewLife said...

Sharing... such a difficult lesson.

Zeze looks so proud and happy - he'll be able to grab Thomas.

Kai looks like "Oh no, thee's trouble coming."

Yesterday when Kai and I were playing, he put all his trucks on the couch -- and sat with them piled around him. They were safe from the hands of little brothers.