Sunday, October 26, 2008

cry me a river....of drool, snot and tears.

our house is flowing with those 3 things from all 3 boys b/c they are all sick. All of them have snotty noses, wet chins, necks and shirts. The amount of drooling (and crying) is amazing. Our front storm glass door is so gross. Kai and Zeze stand there to look out at the kids playing (the healthy kids) and smear their goo and repeatedly sneeze all over it. There's just a cloudy film from 3 feet high and lower. yucky.


ShirleyNewLife said...

awwww -- poor you.
If you can, get outside for a minute or two and let the sun shine or your face. A good stress reliever.

Lovesgarlic said...

Man that sucks.