Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kid updates

Noah is pretty much walking!!! He's taken 7 steps together once and often does 3 or 4 to get somewhere before plopping down. It's so cute to see him upright like a big boy!

Zeze is speaking in full sentences and takes it upon himself to correct Noah. Yesterday he said, "Noah, don't throw your food! Time out! Good boy!" He amazes us with he dexterity and cleverness and has such a great sense of humor. He is almost able to put his pants on all by himself and easily puts on his own hat, mittens and boots each day. This is something I was working on with Kai at the beginning of the winter.

As for Kai........

***The following has an extreme amount of potty talk, so skip it if you don't like to hear about poop. :) :)*****

Kai is officially potty-trained!!! Woo Hoo!!! We started the week between Christmas and New Years. He got the pee under control at the end of the first week. It took another greuling week for the poop. He refused to even try to go in the potty and would purposefully poop in his underwear every day. I finally started making him do the messy clean up including floor, undies, tub and himself. He would cry, "This is gross! My hands are going to get dirty!" and I'd say, "You're right. It is gross and I'm not doing it any more. I don't want that on my hands either." (Thanks, Heather, for the advice!) The first time it took 45 minutes of crying hysteria before he took his messy underwear off. After 3 times of self-maintenance he stopped going in his underwear! Today he jumped up from playing and said, "I have to poop!" and ran and did it in the potty like a pro! Phew! Thank you, God! I haven't prayed about poop this much since this summer when we were having the Noah Poop Wars! I guess I pray about poop a lot, but come on, when you have 3 in diapers, poop is a big and stressful part of the day! :)

That's it for kid updates!

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ShirleyNewLife said...

What wonderful updates about Noah, Zeze, and Kai. They're doing so great.

I'm sure you're overjoyed at these milestones, after all the hard work you've been investing in these precious 3 boys.

Yeah, I've been praying about Kai and the poop potty issue too. It's wonderful to read the praise reports.