Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You and I can (and did) make a difference!!!

Reece's Rainbow is an organization that specializes in the international adoption of children with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities. They have it set up where you can donate money to a child's fund. If someone chooses to adopt the child, then some of the adoption costs can be payed for by the donated money in that child's fund. To me, that seems like a great way to help these kiddos! In other countries, when children with Down Syndrome turn 4 years old (Noah is 2 right now and perfectly aware of mom and dad) they are sent to an institution where they are tied to their cribs and scantily fed until they die. No speech therapy, no pre-school, no hugs or bedtime stories just because they have 1 extra chromosome. It breaks my heart!!! As I've said before, we are not able to adopt right now, but we can surely put money into some of these kids funds so that when God moves the hearts of another couple to adopt, they will have some money to start with to waylay the $20,000 needed.
Here is some evidence that my money (and yours) does make a difference! Thank you to those who donated money to help these wonderful kids with their adoptions funds!

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ShirleyNewLife said...

If we were younger, we'd consider adopting. Instead, we can help other people adopt. Thanks for providing the info about this ministry.