Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a very nice Easter. We made it church and made it home without any meltdowns and with all outfits still tidy enough for pictures (from a distance)! It's funny, there were 2 little girls at church yesterday who were dressed so beautifully with their pink satin dresses and bows in their hair! Our pastor's wife knit all 3 of my boys beautiful sweaters, so they all had on tan chords and their sweaters. They looked SOOO CUTE (I'm not biased at all!) By the end of church, my boys had sweaters and shoes off, juice spilled down the fronts of their t-shirts, were sweaty from playing hard and grimy from the after-church-cookies! Those 2 little girls still looked PERFECT! I love my sweaty grimy little boys and wouldn't trade them for the cutest pinkest satin-dressed girl, but man, I'd like to get through one hour of our day and still look tidy even up close!! :)

Here are Zeze and Kai finding Easter eggs! Kai had a great time and was even more excited when he shook them and realized there was candy inside! Yes, I let my kids eat Teddy Grahams, Peeps and jelly beans before breakfast....who started this whole candy thing anyway? :)
Kai and I dyed eggs for the first time (for him)!
The boys: You can see Zeze is trying to get his socks off. When he finishes doing that he'll try to get Noah's socks off.

Family pictures. These are the 2 best. Zeze was in no mood for pictures...hmmm, do marshmallow peeps have anything to do with that?

This is a picture of my mom preaching at an Easter Sunrise Service on top of a ski mountain. Beautiful! If you look really'll notice that we are NOT there. That's crazy!...even THINKING about brining 3 little kids on top of a mountain at 5am during 0 degree weather makes me shudder. However, Chad and I will do that some day, when the kids are grown or old enough not to complain the whole time and wreck it. :)

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ShirleyNewLife said...

Love your blog and the Easter morning description. The photos are great. I really love the ones of all 5 of you.

How come Kai gets to have 3 Easter baskets? Was he collecting for Noah and Zeze --- ha ha ha