Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where's My Angel?

I finally captured a picture of Noah doing his defiant angry face. It is even more hilarious in person. He will throw a huge handful of food off his tray and he'll turn to look for me and give me this look. I usually crack up laughing at our stare down because it's just so funny to see such a tiny sweet thing trying to give me an angry defiant look.

I stole the title of today's blog from the blog of another person that has children with Down Syndrome. She said something to the effect of, "Everyone says kids with DS are always so sweet and are wonderful little angels. Well, where are my angels?" Hahaha! Noah IS sweet and wonderful, but he can still be just like any other punk kid. I love it!
These are the twins napping the other sweet babies! I love it when they suck their thumbs!

Look at Noah sitting like a pro! It is still so wonderful and exciting to me that he can finally sit! His helmet is working well. At his last appointment, there measured some changes towards his head becoming more round! He's supposed to wear it 23hrs a day, but we take it off at meals to let his hair dry out and also when he has a fever so he can lose some heat. Overall, it's going well!
Kai can write his name!!!! He can already spell it himself and at school they've been teaching him to write it by having him trace over what they've already written. Last week he had a breakthrough and wrote it all by himself without tracing it! I can totally see the letters in this! Can you? And he fit it all in on one line...the teacher said that sometimes he starts too big or in the middle of the page, so he can't fit it. Not this time! Kai won't do it for us at home, so we didn't have any samples here. However, today he brought this home from school and VERY proudly showed it to us! Yay Kai!!!

My little explorer. :)

2 comments: said...

I LOVE the first picture of Noah - made me laugh. He is definitely giving you the "so what ya going to do about it?" look. Too funny.

ShirleyNewLife said...

Yah for Kai -- writing his name!!!

Noah is so cute - what a defiant look he's giving you. Glad you got a picture to show us.

Oh how soon these cute, snuggly little babies grow up - and start giving you "the look".

Love the pictures of the boys. I add them to my photo album and look at them so often :-)

Thanks for keeping all of us current with what's going on. It means so much to us.