Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Zeze and Kai love to get Tylenol and Motrin. They've both had a good share of fevers and sore throats the past few months so they've gotten plenty. However, now they are asking for medicine all the time. First I'd say, "You only get medicine when you're sick." So now they wake up and say they feel sick and need medicine. I started asking them what felt sick or what hurt that would make them need medicine....Kai will say, "My belly hurts." and I tell him you don't get medicine for a belly ache. Zeze will try, "My cough hurts" and I tell him you don't get medicine for coughs. He'll counter with asking for 'honey medicine' because when they have the dry painful coughs we give them honey to soothe their throats.

Today, Kai woke up from his nap (he never naps anymore, so that's the first mommy clue that something is up) crying and saying his ear hurt. This sounded legit, so I gave him some Motrin and made an appt for him to see the pediatrician tonight. Zeze woke up from his nap and was happy as can be and dancing and running around. When he heard that Kai was getting medicine he stared up with the "I feel sick, too" barrage, complete with his cough and belly hurting (meanwhile laughing and still running around). However, he came up with a new one that made me laugh. He got serious and said, "Momma, my mouth hurts. I need medicine in it." I like his creativity, but as this progresses I think I will really have to put my doctor skills to good use to determine the real illnesses! :)

P.S. Kai does have an ear infection and is on antibiotics. We brought Noah along for a visit of his own since he's had green boogers for 2 weeks along with a cough and is now as crabby as can be. The doctor gave him antibiotics too, either for a sinus infection, the start of pneumonia (his O2 sat was 93%- which isn't horrible, but not the 99-100% he usually is) or both sinus infection and pneumonia together. Poor Zeze will be very sad for the next 2 weeks as his brothers get medicine every day and he doesn't. He also felt very left out at the doctor's tonight b/c the doctor didn't examine him too. Zeze got a complimentary ear check so he wouldn't be completely left out. It's hard to be the healthy kid sometimes. :)


ShirleyNewLife said...

It's great to see you posting again. I keep checking every couple of days. So thankful that Dennis has a family.

You're doing a great job as a doctor and a mom.

The boys are so creative in their appempts to be given meds. So sad that Kai and Noah have infections.

Just wondering.....reward positive behavior. What if Zeze gets something special because he isn't sick? A cookie or special juice that is only given for this?

It's so hard to be the healthy kids, when your brothers are sick. Kids really perceive that the sick child is getting so much more. I still remember this from being a kid.

Debby said...

good idea! He's puking tonight, so it'll have to wait, but I"ll think of something for when he's better and the others get their meds. thanks for the suggestion!