Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not To Be Outdone

Well, Zeze got to join in the sick parade! He was up puking all last night. I finally got him to where he could keep down 3ml of water...that took a few tries with subsequent puking. I'd give a little squirt of water and then wait 1/2 hour while watching Curious George (at 1am), meanwhile he's begging for all the drinks he's ever had. 1/2 hour later another 3ml of water...repeat. After 1.5 hrs of not vomiting the little bits of water, then I increased him up to 3mls every 10 minutes. He tolerated that and I finally got his 5ml (1tsp) of Tylenol into him (oh yeah, he was burning up this whole time). After 1/2 hour when that kicked in he finally fell asleep for 4 hours, and no vomiting. We've slowly progressed this morning with an ounce or two of dilute juice every 1/h hour, another dose of tylenol and finally he kept down some jello. It's a long arduous process, but I learned it as a vet and it's the most successful way to calm their pukey stomaches down enough to keep a few drops of water in it.

Anyway, he is now the sickest one here and if the other boys are 'lucky' they'll have fevers and vomiting tomorrow too...then more medicine for everyone! Woo Hoo!! (note the sarcasm) :)


ShirleyNewLife said...

Awwww - poor you with all the sick kiddos.

You're a great mom and a great doctor.

Heather said...

Wow, that makes for one tired momma!