Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Noah wins again!

Back to the pediatricians. Zeze's fever of 103 wasn't gone after 3 full days. Turns out he also has an ear infection! Now he get's antibiotics too! Kai is passing the Zithromax torch onto Zeze as it's Kai's last day on it and Zeze's first day. However, just when Zeze thinks he can top Noah with illnesses and number of medications, Noah pulls ahead and wins the race! Not only does he win his Omnicef antibiotic, but also steroids AND albuterol from a nebulizer. Guess he had pnumonia after all and the added steroids and albuterol will help open up his lungs and clean out all the junk. PLUS Noah get to start on a GI drug to help with his reflux! Congrats, Noah! It was a close race and we thought you might actually be the healthiest kid here!!

Actually, everyone is starting to feel better (except me, I caught the cold) and Noah is full of vim and vigor. Zeze is feeling better now that he's on ab's and Kai is back to normalish now that he's off the abs.

I pulled out Noah's nebulizer from last year and found his old Albuterol. It was filled last year during this same week in March! It's when we were leaving the hospital for his 2nd round of pneumonia and got the script for the Albuterol (it's good for a year). Ah, memory lane via medical records! I'm so glad this winter hasn't been filled with hospital stays! I'm so glad it's almost Spring! yay!


ShirleyNewLife said...

So sorry that you've caught the cold from the kids. But it's so encouraging to read that they're doing better - and have meds to make them better. How many times have you been to the doctor's in the past week? 20 million LOL.

It's wonderful to read your humorous blog entries. Thanks for taking time to write and keep us posted. Your sense of humor is a good thing

Heather said...

Hi Debby,

Very funny post, although I am sorry to hear how sick everyone has been. Glad the throwing up part stopped.