Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Red Riding Kai

Kai is very excited lately to point out to us how he's growing so big. He is so happy to have himself measured and has such an innocent joy to think that he's growing and might be as tall as his mama or daddy some day. It is really cute. That is why I try to take what he says with a few grains of salt! Here is a collection of observations from Kai....

"Mama, I am such a big boy! I am growing so big! Look, my nose is small now, but it growing so big just like yours!"
"Mama, look at my teeth they are growing so big! They're almost so big as yours! Can you show me your big teeth again?"
"Mama, do you see my feet. I have small feet but soon they will be so big just like your feet!"

I guess I'm the big bad wolf.

He also said he loved me because I am soft. :) I will try to take these things as compliments, from my dear 4 year old that says these things without a spec of criticism and is purely delighted to become like me, instead of picturing myself as described.....a big puffy soft mama with huge teeth, nose and feet. From the mouths of babes....

Tonight at dinner he ate a lot of food and lifted up his shirt and said, "Mama, look at my belly! It is growing so big! (I'm thinking, "Here it comes...") Soon it will grow so big just like Daddy's!" Phew! Dodged that one! Chad and I have both eaten a LOT of chocolate this winter!! Just keeping it real, folks! :)

Oh, a truly sweet thing Kai said the other day: I bought some potted tulips and daffodils and put them in the window. Kai inhaled their fragrance and said with all earnestness and amazement, "They smell like the sun, Mama!"

2 comments: said...

That is so precious, Debby! Such sheer adoration. Motherhood can be so humbling, can it not?!? I am glad to hear that spring and daffodils are warming your window sill these days. Enjoy!

ShirleyNewLife said...

What wonderful comments and sayings from Kai. He thinks all parts of you are so wonderful that he measures himself according to how he sees you. He sees your features as awesome. I do too.

I love his comment about daffodils and tulips. They smell like sunshine. That's why I love daffodils so much, too.

I was so great to spend time with you and the boys today. Thanks for coming up. I love how excited the boys were for Grampa to have a birthday cake and blow out the candles. Their joy and love is wonderful to experience.