Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Skills

First off, I'm sorry about the lack of photos. I can only load pics on to our big computer that's up in the loft (not the laptop that I use downstairs). I can't really go up there while the kids are awake and after they are in bed, I'm too tired to climb up there just to load pictures. So, you'll just have to read another little story about the kids.

Today Kai showed me a new trick he learned. He has been peeing standing up more and more lately and discovered that when he stands up to pee in the potty he doesn't actually have to use his hands. He has good aim and doesn't make a mess. He joyfully told me, that because he doesn't touch anything, he doesn't have to wash his hands after he goes potty! He watched me expectantly, after he pointed out his logic, to see if I could poke holes in it and still make him wash his hands. He got me! I guess if you don't touch anything (except the the handle to flush the toilet...I didn't point that out to him b/c I figured he'd start using his foot to flush like he's seen me do in public restrooms) you don't have to wash your hands. It rankles me though! Just doesn't seem right! I guess I could just make him wash his hands no matter what...I don't want him to turn into one of those guys who doesn't wash after going poop and then pumps gas at the pump just before I get there...I saw that Dateline (or whatever) showing all the nasties on the gas pump handle!!! But, for now, kudos to Kai, for stumping Mama and getting out of washing his hands!

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ShirleyNewLife said...

Clever Kai... he thought this out really well.