Friday, April 16, 2010


I asked the kids this morning if they wanted eggs, oatmeal or both. Zeze excitedly exclaimed, "Both! I want both!! Both!!!" Immediately a frenzied panic ensued with all 3 boys shouting that they wanted both. I knew that Zeze was crazy hungry and him excitedly yelling about anything he's going to get often triggers this response from the boys, like herd of deer startling and none of them are sure why.

I bring out oatmeal and eggs to jittery repetitive mumblings of, "Both. I want both. Kai do you have both? Zeze did you get both yet? I want both too. both. both. both." Zeze sees what I've brought and starts wailing that he doesn't want oatmeal or eggs. He wants a 'both'. "BOTH!!! Waaaaaaaa!!!" Oh good grief! It's too early for this! I spend 5 minutes explaining the word both and finally got some very disappointed boys to understand that I only had eggs and oatmeal to offer them. (Can you all picture a 'both'? It's probably dripping with frosting and oozing chocolate out of the middle!)

On the way to school as we're praying for our day, Zeze prays, "Thank you for this day. Thank you for the eggs and oatmeal. And thank you for the 'both'!" I guess he got a 'both' when I wasn't looking. :)


Lovesgarlic said...

I think a "both" would be one of those donuts that has whipped cream and jelly inside. You know, how when you look at them from the outside you see both the jelly and the cream. And yes, I would really like to have one of those for breakfast.

Debby said...

yum! me too!!!

ShirleyNewLife said...

Zeze wanting "the both" is so funny.
Ha Ha Ha Ha
I know it wasn't too funny for you at the time.....

Kids are so literal.
I bet Zeze expected some wonderful breakfast concoction and also fun to eat like snack-time.

For me, a "both" for breakfast would be omelet, raisin bread and a bowl of fresh blueberries & raspberries.

Now Dad and I are using the phrase "the both" when we're talking about something like a tax refund, money for the church, a peaceful church, not having to work at all ... things like that. "I want the miraculous.... the both"

Lovesgarlic said...

I love it. Yes, let's start using the both as a phrase to mean something wonderful and good. That makes me laugh.