Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Photo Catch up

Kai rode the bus for the first time by himself, to go to ESY (Extended School Year). He was SO SO excited to ride the bus like a big boy, but we waited and waited and the bus didn't come. I am explaining that sometimes the bus driver forgets where to go when it's the first time picking someone up. Well, it got late and I had to load Kai and the twins up in the van to bring Kai to school. As I'm pulling out the school bus/van pulls in!! I stop and get Kai out and he happily (though flustered) climbs on the bus!

He sees a friendly face, and sits beside him. He says later, "That's my friend. He's cute like Noah." His new friend is an old pro on the school bus and shows him the ropes.

Here's a picture of the bus/van at school dropping Kai off. Yes, I am a stalker. I followed the bus to school weeping, I mean fully composed and happy that my baby is being driven to school by a stranger, a man, that I've never met before. That this is one of many strands being cut that attaches him to me. That, someday I'll have to leave him at an overnight camp, then college (will he eat, will he find his classes, what if he gets locked out of his room?) and eventually when he gets married! I know, I know! He's only 4! But I understand fully now why my mom cried at all those events when I was growing up.
Well, Kai loved the bus, but had a hard day at school and was sad that his regular teacher was not there. He was confused about the change and this is what he does to process things. I knew something was wrong b/c he hasn't lined up so many cars since before he was gluten free and fully encompased with PDD-NOS behavoirs. He moves the first car forward an inch and then the second one and so on until all the cars are moved up in the line. Then he starts over...again and again. We talked for awhile about school and the next day was MUCH better. When he came home and played with the cars and trucks, he had them all in a cluster and was having them talk to each other and throw a birthday party for the helicopter!

Fun in the pool. Noah is taking a direct hit!

Snuggly, sleepy afternoon with Noah and Daddy
....and Scout.
Blueberry picking, I mean eating! :)

Cutie pie, Noah!

Face off between Chad and our nephew, Isaac, while David and Kai get ready for more action!
Always watch your back, David!
Zeze having fun with the hose while Chad turns it on and off so it sprays Zeze's face.
Noah and Kai playing post office
Scouty is Postmaster General.
Noah LOVES LOVES corn on the cob!!
That's all for now! Sorry it's been so long (November) since I posted pictures! Hopefully, I'll keep up on it better!


ShirleyNewLife said...

Thanks so much for posting the photos and the story. You write so well. The boys are so cute.


Kristina said...

It's good to see all the pictures. Thanks for posting them! The boys are as cute as ever!

Becky said...

LOVE the pictures. Oh my goodness, the boys are adorable!!!!!