Saturday, July 31, 2010

olives and a ladies' man

I asked Kai if he wanted olives on his pizza and he said no because they're so black and yucky. I asked if he'd eat them if they were his favorite color instead of black. He said he'd eat olives if they were purple and tasted like bananas. :)

Chad and Zeze were outside playing when our neighbor's beautiful college-aged daughter pulled up. Zeze yelled, "HI!!" to her. She smiled, waved and yelled, "Hi" back to Zeze. Zeze turned to Chad and quietly (amazing in itself) said, "Daddy, she is weally coot!" (really cute). Seeing that Zeze only knows 3 or 4 adjectives that are complimentary makes this is a HUGE amount of 'liking' going on. Let me explain.....adjective #1 is 'beautiful'. For example, "Mom, that train track you just set up is SO beautiful! Can I play with it now?"
#2 'yummy': "These cookies are so yummy AND beautiful. Thank you for making them!"
#3 'cute': "Mom, Noah is so cute. I LOVE him!" followed with kisses, hugs and the ever heart-warming eye-pokes. I'm constantly trying to explain that hugging and kissing Noah is great, but it's the eye-pokes that hurt.
So you see, Zeze saying the girl is cute is a HUGE amount of liking that he's only ever expressed toward his twin brother! I didn't know that boys could start liking girls so young! :)


ShirleyNewLife said...

Zeze is a charmer. Wonder if he'll be the little boy who has lots of girl friends in kindergarden?

Now we need to have Zeze learn to say "Hi Beautiful" like my boss said on the phone the other day when I answered the phone at work. He phoned and thought I was his wife. (The one time I didn't identify myself). Lots of laughs, on that one.

Kai's response to black olives reminds me of his Grampa Dave who dislikes black olives - like they were made of tar. But I love the taste. Hmmmmm....

ShirleyNewLife said...

Comments from Grampa Dave: "Olives make your mouth all puckery. They are categorized with lima beans and liver."