Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thankful or Not

Things I am thankful for:

1. That I only used ONE of my dish towels to clean a small spot of Noah's corn-filled spit up (he has reflux)....especially since I soon realized that it was not, in fact, normal spit up, but 'spit up' from the diaper end of things.

2. I am thankful that he only smeared it across 4 of the segments of my couch rather than all 6.

3. I am thankful that my 2 week old rug steamer with upholstery attachments was already filled up and ready to go from cleaning my couch 3 days ago. I would hate to think it could sit in the closet and only be used 2 or 3 times a year. I'd rather use it 3 times in 2 weeks.

4. I am thankful that the upholstery attachment has tiny little holes to suck up the soapy water so that pieces of corn can't be sucked up into it and possibly clog a tube. I'd much rather collect all the poop crumbs and corn in my hand so that I don't clog my new steamer.

5. I'm thankful for the two flies that came in earlier this morning and how they so helpfully land on the poop to show me where it is.

6. I'm thankful for my intelligent cat that sat looking under the stove all night (for the 3rd night) waiting for a different long-dead bug to come out. His dedication is admirable and I'm so thankful that he's napping all day rather than catching the two flies that I keep swatting away from the poop on the couch. I wouldn't want a crabby and tired cat to stress himself out by actually catching a REAL bug.

7. I am thankful that my oldest son has very healthy lungs so that, from upstairs, he can scream to me downstairs, at the top of his lungs, over the roar of the steamer and right beside his sleeping brothers, that he needs me to wipe his bum.

6. I am also thankful that my oldest son has good vision so, while in the bathroom, he could point out all the microns of poop that fell off Noah and onto the bathroom rugs when I dumped said brother into the tub after the poop explosion. Nothing brings on a thankful attitude more than someone pointing out just one more poop crumb..."oh, there's another one."...."wait, is that one too?"...."you missed one over there, Mom."
Where are those flies when I need them?

7. I am thankful that my shower drain has tiny little holes too. I would hate for all that corny poop to go down the drain and mess up my pipes or septic. I'd rather pick it out of the drain and put it in my hand and throw it in the trash. SO glad I don't have to buy DRAIN-O!

8. I am thankful for the fresh, sweet, summer corn we had with dinner last night and that Noah LOVES corn on the cob and totally gets how to strip every last kernel from the cob (one of the few things we haven't had to teach him how to do). Maybe he can teach his brothers how to eat it off the cob so they can join in with helping to make their mama a muttering swearing crazy lady that writes not-so-very-thankful lists on her blog.

The poop is cleaned, the couches are finally dry, the flies are dead (no thanks to the cats), the poop clothes and towels are waiting to go into the next load of laundry, the tub is scrubbed and the bathroom rugs are cleaned. Dinner is cooking, the boys are fighting (I mean playing) and Chad is on his way home. I will try to pull it together and not be so crabby. I think writing this post helped my mood a little. It'll help me more if people leave comments to let me know that someone is reading this and empathizing with! :) :)


ShirleyNewLife said...

Poor Debby - Your day has sucked.

What a crummy afternoon. No wonder you didn't answer the phone when I called to day to ask how your day was going..... You probably couldn't hear the phone over the steamer, the bathroom fan, and Kai's yelling.

Note to everyone else who reads this blog: Please leave comments. Even a smiley face :-) if you don't have words to write.

Shirley / Mom

ShirleyNewLife said...

Wow what a day. I hope you will have some good things to be thankful for tomorrow. DAD

Chad said...

I'm thankful for a wife who can wade through all that and fight on tomorrow. Rock on, sweetheart!

Lovesgarlic said...

I still think, per a prior post, that showers should have the option of a garbage disposal attachment at the drain. Think of how useful that could be for families with young children, older people living alone and even fraternity houses? I have never puked or pooped in a shower myself but can imagine the sales possibilities!

Your day was HORRIBLE!!!!!

Kristina said...

You made me laugh so hard I cried! What a good little child of God you are to remember that we are to be thankful in ALL things! Your crown will have many jewels!
I hope everyone is feeling better/happier today!

ShirleyNewLife said...

Debby ~ You are beautiful, awesome, strong, and powerful !!! With Christ you are doing it.

Humor me here...about my Mom's mink stole. She used to say she never had a place to wear it. SO she wanted to wear it grocery shopping (but she never did).

For days like you have had, take moments for yourself and use my mom's mink stole to know that you are a princess, a daughter of the King of Kings. Yeah - I know it's not practical to wear a mink stole on a 90 degree day.....

Becky said...

heather, i love the garbage disposal attachment idea for a shower. BRILLIANT. i personally have puked in the shower, only later to hear, "hun....why didnt you throw up in the toilet, now we have to scoop that out!". To which I replied, "because the toilet is nasty and i didnt want to put my face near it!". Seriously, that's just common sense.

Sorry to hear about all the corn and poop and flies. I love corn, but hate corn. It never digests. Its almost a waste (of time, money, etc) to actually eat it. Cause it always comes out the same as it went in. So whats the point? Maybe we should just buy the corn and cook it and instead of actually eating it, just look at it for dinner.

~Hope tomorrows a little better..with less corn and NO flies.

Lovesgarlic said...

Becky, you are so right about the corn. Cook it, look at it and then throw it in the toilet.

ShirleyNewLife said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (me laughing)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (Dad laughing)

Becky and Heather - what you wrote about corn is so funny. said...

Oh, man! I seriously admire your humor on a day like this! You are hilarious, and your ability to laugh in light of those events is commendable. There is nothing worse than digested food (in ANY form) and I'm pretty sure that I would have done my fair-share of dry heaving. I've not heard the follow-on, but I hope that the next day brought some relief for you all!