Friday, September 10, 2010

photo catch up

I painted a big chalk board on one of our walls down in the play room. The official unveiling was this morning and the boys seemed to like it! That chalkboard paint is so cool! I was so tempted to paint a couple of treads of our unfinished stairs with it and other sections of wall. But I figured this would just encourage the boys to write on things they are not supposed to.
This was done with 'washable' whiteboard markers. They don't wash off of dry-wall.

Zeze checking out his new big boy bed, with Noah's help. No more crib for Zee!!
All snuggled in!

This was a huge smiley face frizbee type toy at the Joni and Friends Family camp we attended at the end of August. Noah loved carrying it around even though it was bigger than he is.
I thought this picture would have been hilarious if I could have gotten the picture right behind Noah rather than off to the side, no luck though. Get it? A little body with a huge smiley-face head! Hahaha! Makes me laugh! :)
Chad and Zeze walking up the road from our camp cabin to the dining hall.
Kai LOVED being on the top bunk at camp.
Of course, the other two had to try it up there!
That's about it for now!

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ShirleyNewLife said...

Great to see these photos of the boys. Love each boy and each photo.

Great idea with the "blackboard" wall.

We have a great set of bunk beds just waiting for you. So happy Kai liked being in the top bunk at camp.