Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a Pink-eyed, Yellow-Nosed Seal

That's Noah right now. He has Pink-eye, yellow snotty nose and has a barking seal cough. The other two are just runny-nosed hot (fever) seals.
Here's a picture of the little sick ones.

I used my awesome rug cleaner again! I love that thing, but I hate it because I always get carried away and do too much. I did the whole upstairs, the stairs, the lr area rug and two sections of couch. It started b/c Kai has a sleep-walking issue when he's really tired and he got up and pee'd in the hallway last night. It's so funny and weird to see Kai peeing inside our home (not in the toilet) and seeing no expression of guilt or remorse on his face. Just relief and a little confusion when he finally focuses on me. But it's also wicked gross to have a full bladder emptied on the hallway rug. One other time he came downstairs, dropped trou (sp?) and relieved himself on Noah's booster seat!

My arms are shaky now from all the steaming, but our rugs look great!!!


Lovesgarlic said...

What? No photo of the gross, pee colored, dirty water container from your steamer? Just kidding.

I am so glad you have one of those and don't have to keep renting one from Stop & Shop. That would be too much for any momma to take!

Poor Noah! I hope you are buying him soft tissues...

Debby said...

Actually, the water was hardly tinted! I was so happy that my rugs are so very clean all the time!

Debby said...

Ok, that was a lie! Did you believe it? Hahaha! My water was so dark, dirty and full of hair that I didn't want to touch it (and I used to do bovine rectal exams for a living...up to the shoulder, baby!). It actually stained my tub when I emptied it (multiple tanks of water) and I had to scrub the tub out afterwards b/c the junk wouldn't just rinse off. I was so grossed out. Gross Gross Gross!!!!!

ShirleyNewLife said...

Wow - that water must have been super yucky to gross you out !!! Your carpet cleaner is great. I'd love to borrow it sometime for my rugs..

Your family photo when you did the DS walk is SO GOOD.

Hope the kids are feeling better this weekend -- and you and Chad stay healthy too.

Abby puked in the car today on the ride home from ME. We took her for a long walk on the beach and she drank too much sea water, ate sea weed, and other crud. Thankfully her puke target was the blanket she was lying on. It's easily washed.