Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kai Quotes

Kai and I were sledding and I had to carry him and the sled back up the hill because the snow was too deep for him to walk. As I'm panting and stumbling my way up the hill carrying Kai and dragging the sled, he says to me, "Keep trying Momma! Keep trying!"

Today we were looking at our goldfish and I asked Kai what the fish's name was. He answered, "Orange." Then I asked if it was a girl or a boy and he said, "NO! It's a fish."


Lovesgarlic said...

Ha ha ha ha. Ok, so now you also have fish? Someone needs to do a pet intervention at your house!


Debby said...

Hahaha! Chad got goldfish (sadly, Orange is the only survivor out of 4) for his office 2 years ago, but now that he's home we have inherited the fish!!

Shirley said...

Kai's comments are so incredibly cute.

So how do you keep Orange safe from Scout?

Debby said...

Gooood question! The lid is very tight fitting and there's only 1 tiny hole in the top to sprinkle food. Actually, the cats haven't shown any interest. I've seen Scout look at him a couple of times, but he's not fixated or anything.