Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"No Ice Cream, No T.V., Up To Bed"

I bet you think that this is what Chad or I said to Kai, but actually Kai said this to us! You know a 3 year old doesn't feel good at all when he'd rather go up to bed than eat ice cream and watch t.v.!


ShirleyNewLife said...

Poor Kai -- rejecting tv and ice cream; he was so sick.

Grammy G always found a way to get food into you when you all were sick. She has very clever methods which she used on all of us. Maybe it was her huge dose of love that came with the food. Maybe it was her ways of continually offering food until we gave in.
Toast slathered in butter and dripping fatty goodness, home made soup, ice cream bars and sandwiches, tuna fish with crunchy celery and a lot more salt, and then the always present "candy".

ShirleyNewLife said...

And don't forget the home made donuts....