Friday, January 9, 2009

Zeze is AmaZing!

I just have to say that Zeze's never-quit personality can both frustrate and amaze me sometimes. Yesterday's feat was of the amazement kind. :)
I brought Kai to school 3 days this week (holy am I going to get to 5 days a week!?!?!). This involves getting 3 kids (none of whom can put on their own shoes, coats, hats and mittents, or get into their own car seats) dressed in warm clothing and loaded in the car to be at school for 8:30am.
Getting 3 boys ready at the same time is tough! If I do Noah first, then Kai and Zeze are at each other and screaming and crying about something. If I do Kai first, then Zeze is trying to poke Noah's eyes, pull his hair, climb the stairs, eat the gritty slush that has come off my boots or tear apart Kai's train set. Noah and Kai leave each other alone, so it makes sense to get Zeze ready first (It's kind of like that riddle with the row boat, a fox, a chicken and a sack of corn...who do you take across the river first?) So I put Z in his snow suit with the added bonus of his hands being covered (can't poke, grab or put things in mouth), his feet being covered/slippery (can't stand or climb) and his visual field limited with the hood being on (decreased opportunity for mischief). I was really pleased with my solution until yesterday! Zeze figured out how to overcome the snow suit!!! He climbed the stairs, pulled up at the train table and hammered it with his fuzzy fleece paws and crawled over poor Noah who was buckeled into his infant carrier. I thought at least he couldn't get things into his mouth...yeah right! I saw him on his knees bowing down with his face to floor and he rises up with a toy gripped in his teeth and chortles with successful glee!! I laughed and laughed but I thought, "Oh crap! I'm a gonner." Still rushing to get Kai into his clothes and bring Noah out to the car I come back in and see Zeze face down on the boot mat. He rises up with a huge grin and his mouth rimmed with salty, sandy slush. He did it!! He accomplished everything I thought I had stopped him from doing. That kid really is amazing to me! He just doesn't quit!
This is Zeze showing his new mouth skill!


Shirley said...

It's so great to see your blog entries. I check for them each day. Though I know how super busy you are - with no minutes to post stuff for all of us :-)

Zeze is amazing. I'm both laughing and thinking "yucky" about the dirty slush.
You'll be in real trouble when he tries to climb the cat perch pole.

Debby said...

I know! He probably will be the one to try to climb it! :) said...

I LOVE your new look! Your blog looks so cute...great job! Isn't it fun to play with? That is such a funny story about Zeze. Winter is tough with little ones. I keep thinking that summer will be much easier. Of course, then there is sunscreen and bug spray, but that doesn't seem like much compared to layers, boots, and mittens. Ah well. Great to talk to you guys this weeksnd. Love ya! Christy

Shirley said...

Hey, will you email us that photo of Zeze?
He's so cute and proud of himself.