Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Fish

Kai and I went fishing with our neighbors 2 weeks ago at the little river behind our houses. It's a perfect spot for little kids to learn to fish b/c there are tons of small very eager fish that bite at the worms as soon as they hit the water. Kai caught 2 fish!!!! It was very rewarding fishing for the 5 little boys that were there. Kai was so excited and really loved fishing. He was so cute too; If he reeled in his line and there was still the worm on the hook, he'd shout, "Look! I caught a worm!!" Never a sad moment with that outlook, unless the fish eat the worm off the hook and there's only a hook left! It was really fun and I'm looking forward to doing it again. Here is a cell phone picture of Kai's first fish. I tried to circle it since it's pretty small and hard to pick out from the background.

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ShirleyNewLife said...

YAY KAI - You are a Great Fisherman. And the great fisherman, Super Grandpa Arthur, is very proud of you.
Grandpa and I are proud of you, too.