Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ok, ok!!

The commenting natives are getting restless! :) (see the last 2 comments on my previous entry by clicking here)

Not much news lately. Kai was puking all morning, every half hour. He was finally able to keep a little juice down and then a cracker and then toast, etc. I asked him this evening if his belly still hurt and he told me that his hurt belly went down through his body, out through his leg and down the drain. I guess that means he's feeling better!


Lovesgarlic said...

Yeaay, you wrote something. Boo, things are horrible at your house. So sorry that Kai is sick and his belly hurt so much.

No pictures?
Just kidding.

Debby said...

you made me laugh with your 'no pictures' comment. Thanks :)

ShirleyNewLife said...

Hey - so happy that Kai is feeling better. I hope that Noah and Zeze don't get it -- and you have a peaceful night's sleep.

Wish I were free to help you.
I'm spending my long 5 days in class learning about Crisis Interventions and effective ways to help people. (Yeah, I should be helping you in your crisis.)

Just have Fri., Sat., and Sun classes left - and then I get back to normal life.