Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Catch-Up Pictures

Kai's first day of Pre-School 2009! It was a much easier transition for everyone this year. Click HERE to see last year's experience!

Wolves around the kill (ie bowl of blueberries). They were shoving fistfulls of blueberries into their mouths. At the end they all had blueberry juice and seeds running down their chins and bellies. It was a feeding frenzy! :)

Zeze will climb on almost anything. He's got great balance and can stand straight up on this toy!

My silly little Zeez. He is totally into this orange hat or any hat for that matter. He wants to wear hats all the time! He is also extremely happy here b/c he has scored 3 off-limits items: Kai's toothbrush, baby Tylenol and Kai's Nuk. Zeze is in heaven!

Kai and Zeze being monkeys.

Noah doing his Peek-a-boo routine...he's such a funny little kid! Oh, he also signed "music", "water", "Stop", "No" (along with the head shake) and "yes" all for the first time this weekend! Such a smart boy, too! Even pneumonia can't slow this kid down!

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ShirleyNewLife said...

Thanks for the pics of the kids. They are GREAT !!!! Kai, Zeze, and Noah are SO CUTE.

I check your blog each day to read your stories and see the photos.

Your blog provides such joy and info. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

We continue to pray for all of you.