Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Prize!!!

I can finally tell you all about the new fabulous prize for Sergei G.'s fundraiser! 

In addition to the $100 Amazon gift card
the hand-knit boys' hats in 3 sizes 

the hand-knit girls' strawberry hat

 the hand-knit matching hat and scarf (modeled and knit by my wonderful sister-in-law, Jamie)

we are adding a brand new Keurig Special Edition Brewer ($139.95 value) PLUS 4 boxes of K-cups (coffee, tea, cocoa etc., a $55 value)

 all generously donated by Keurig themselves!!!  Woo Hoo! 

Man, I want one of those brewers!!!  Haha!  But I want one of you to win it more so that Sergei can have more money in his adoption account!!! So, let all your friends know that they are helping a sweet orphan boy with Down syndrome AND entering this drawing with some AMAZING prizes!!!

Donate with the ChipIn here or on the side of my blog or by going to the Reece's Rainbow Angel Page and scrolling down to Sergei on the 4th line.  Don't forget you get 1 entry for posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Blog, but you need to leave me a comment letting me know you've done this in order to get the entry recorded.  Also, if you donate through the RR Angel Tree site, leave a comment in the PayPal instructions that you're donating through my blog and want to be entered into the drawing, or leave me a comment letting me know! 

Oh, and the total count, as of this morning, is $975!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F.Y.I., I updated the original "Sweet Sergei's Fundraiser" post with the current prize pictures if you want to see them all together along with the details for the drawing.  Thanks!


ShirleyNewLife said...

So wonderful to see the donation total increase each day for Sergei.

I pray that he gets adopted and lives with a wonderful family. Thank you - everyone - who is donating to help provide this for Sergei.

Jamie, your hats and scarves are beautiful !!! You're so talented.
And I know how good the cookies are that Heather sold at the bake sale.

Wow - a Keurig brewer. What a super invention and prize donation.

It so good to have all of us working together to help save a little boy who has nothing. I pray that Sergei is aware of how much God loves him and is touching his life. I pray that as he goes through each day and night, he is aware the many people love him. He is not alone.

Leah said...

it looks lovely! Just added the link to my fb & blog! good luck with the fundraising.