Monday, November 15, 2010


My sister, Heather, raised a total of $50 at her bake sale with just one type of cookie and rice crispie squares!  See what one person can do?!!!  Awesome!

  Can you believe that on Friday Sergei only had $450 and today he has..............

Add the ChipIn on my page to his Angel account here

Great job, everyone!  Keep spreading the word about Sergei and keep donating!  Also, if you donate directly through the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree page and want to be entered into my drawing, just leave a note in "Special Instructions" on the PayPal page that you came from my blog.  If you already donated and didn't make that note, no problem!  Just email me and let me know or email Reece's Rainbow and let them know and they'll tell me.  It's all good!

Here are the finished boys' hats that my sister-in-law knitted!  They are so awesome!  Thanks, Jamie!!


ShirleyNewLife said...

Wow this is great news.
Thanks Debby for all your work and prayers to coordinate this fundraiser.

Thanks everyone for helping Sergei.

ShirleyNewLife said...

We got our Reese's Rainbow Angel Tree Christmas ornament today. It has Sergei's photo on it and the Angel Tree graphic on the other side. It's a nice ornament.... not junky.