Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What 6 Months Can Do...

Go over to Adeye's blog to read this amazing post.
She adopted 2 little girls with Down syndrome 6 months ago.  When she got Hailee, she had just turned 5 years old, weighed 16lbs, could not sit up by herself or barely hold her head up, like a 3 month old.  5 YEARS OLD!!!   Now she no longer has the constant wound across her forehead from banging it on the crib bars out of boredome, she can stand up, she smiles, she's growing.  She is LOVED!  Amazing changes in this girl in just 6 months.  When they found Hailee in the back room of the orphanage she "was written off as being useless, a burden on society, without any abilities, with no hope at all, a mere corpse with breath in a crib...."   How haunting! 
Hailee 6 months ago.      Hailee today!
Please read, learn and learn to love! 

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