Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Ants Go Marching 1 by 1...

The kids made a huge mess with some tortilla chips this evening. Chip dust and crumbs were all on the floor and couch. We decided to get the twins in bed and then come back down and clean up afterwards. When I came back down I had already forgotten about the mess and when I saw it I exclaimed, "Oh, LOOK at all those crumbs!" Kai ran over to the mess and yelled, "Mamma, 3 ants are helping! Come see!" Sure enough, 3 ants were working together to haul off a piece of tortilla chip. Is it sad that instead of stomping on them, I thought, "Oh good, if only they moved faster"? :) At this point if the ants clean up the floor, I'm tempted to let them stay!! HAHAHA! My good little helper knew though that I hate crumbs on the floor and he ran to get the red broom. "Mamma, I sweep up crumbs and ants." Oh, my dreams are coming true! Kai is going to sweep up this mess...hoooray! Suddenly he starts shoving all the crumbs and ants under the couch. "What are you doing?", I yell, and he says, "I'm putting them all back under the couch."
Hmmmm...I guess I'm not as good a housekeeper as I'd like to think I am if my son thinks all the crumbs belong under the couch. *Sigh*


ShirleyNewLife said...

Again, Happy Anniversary.
Fun Fact # 1: You know you have kids, when your anniversary celebration gets postponed.

I know that you're tired. In the midst of this, try to find the funny things (anything funny) - and laugh until your sides hurt. It's the best therapy. That's how we coped with some of the more difficult times with GR.

Kai's comment is so funny: 3 ants are helping to clean. Oh, to see life through the eyes of child... Life is so simple for them.

I can let you borrow Abby for a day or two. She loves corn chips. As you know, she'll clean up the floor after every meal. :-)
Or I can run a doggie service, and have Abby arrive for 20 minutes after each meal. Then she'll leave and go to the next house. I can save lots of money on dog food that way.

pashofam@yahoo.com said...

That is hillarious!!! Happy (belated) Anniversary! Missed talking to you on Monday, but enjoyed catching up with Chad.

Lovesgarlic said...

Happy Anniversary guys!

Glad to hear that the ants are helping out, even just a little bit. I think Mom's idea about the dog service sounds good. I know we could really use it at our house!!

K said...

We have an ongoing problem with ants because of all the crumbs under the kitchen table.
Happy belated anniversary! I hope you can have your date sometime soon.