Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Poop Gods Are Laughing At Us

Noah pooped out twice AND Kai woke up at 1:30a in a pool of diarrhea. Does anyone out there want to come poop on our beds or in our tub? 3/5 of our family is doing it....join the party! Chad just added, "If you're feeling shy about it, you can just crap on our doorstep."


Lovesgarlic said...

I hope sometime, very far from now, you can laugh about it too. Because it is just horrible. Really horrible.

I will take a rain check on pooping on your doorstep. It is kind of a long ride for just a quick visit like that. said...

I am putting a care package in the mail to you ASAP. Look for it in a week and a half. I can't imagine anyone needing a little TLC more than you do RIGHT NOW!!!

Debby said...

Hahaha, Heather! I guess you would have to go home right after pooping on our doorstep...that's not a situation where you can easily come in and visit afterwards!

Christy, thanks for the upcoming care package! Even if you only packed us toilet paper, it'd seem exotic b/c it's ITALIAN toilet paper!

Lovesgarlic said...

I know Debby! I mean what would you say to someone after taking a crap on their door step? Sorry, I couldn't make it to the toilet? I was marking my territory? I was leaving my "things" outside?

All of the above are just too horrible to think about. Much love to you Debby. Kiss and a hug dear sister.

ShirleyNewLife said...

Heather and Christy have written exactly what I feel.
OMG - too much poop and too much sickness.

Here's a funny poop story I heard yesterday from some local cops. It sort of goes with Chad's pooping on our doorstep. I'm writing it in hopes of making your smile - in the midst of the yuck.

One of the cops stopped a speeding car. The driver frantically explained that he was speeding because he had to urgently go to the bathroom. Of course, cops hear that excuse all the time. So they escorted this guy and his car to the police station.

The guy was telling the truth - and he didn't make it to the bathroom in time. He pooped on the police station floor. It smelled so bad that when the cops opened the station door to enter, they just shut the door - and stayed outside.

Debby said...

oh my gosh, mom! That is SO aweful! That poor guy! It did make me chuckle a little bit, in that nervous "it could have been me" kind of laugh!

ShirleyNewLife said...

Your stories remind of two nurses that I overheard at work the other week. One of them said to the other, "My your awfully territorial about those files, why don't you just pee on the cabinet and be done with it?" I hope things get better for you soon. DAD

Debby said...

Hahhaa, Dad! That's a good one!

Elizabeth said...


Oh my -- haven't been keeping tabs (can I just make the blog on to a favorite??) -- I'm so sorry -- wow -- you guys are getting it good. I love reading your thoughts but I'm so sorry its so hard -- wow -- can brian & I come up for a visit sometime to catch up???