Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Passing the Torch

Noah did not blow out this morning!!! There actually wasn't anything in his diaper....woo hoo! However, Zeze now has diarrhea and did blow out...so another bed change and another screaming bath. Then both Zeze and Noah blew out at nap time. Fortunately, all our sheets were already dirty and we had only put a towel on Zeze's mattress (which he threw out of the crib), so I only had to change Noah's bed and just wipe down Zeze's mattress. Man, I'm tired! I am really hopeful though that Noah's guts are turning a corner! I think all your prayers are helping b/c I don't feel nearly as defeated and angry about all this as I did a few days ago....so THANKS! KEEP IT UP, PLEASE!! :) :)


Lovesgarlic said...

Yay! So glad you are starting to feel better about things. Even as I write that, I laugh. How can a mom really feel better than one case of exploding diapers has moved on to another kid? But just keep reminding yourself, its the little things that keep us going!!

Love you,

ShirleyNewLife said...

Dad and I are so thankful that Noah's poop blowouts are slowing a bit. Hopefully, Zeze's blowouts won't last long.

It is so good to see you write with humor again. Maybe this means your smile is back - even if only for a few minutes.

So many people are praying intensely for all 5 of you. We're doing it even before Friday. I stayed up late last night (Monday) praying for all of you. I'm glad that you can feel the effects from the prayers of the "many".

Yes, for Mom's it IS the little things that keep us going.

Debby's smile: is so bright that it brings joy to those who see it.
As Dad reminded me about your Out Back instructor (Rique) who guaged the tiredness of your group by your smile. "When Debby stops smiling, we know that it's time to stop hiking."

I love you Debby. You're going make it. Don't give up.