Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is there a bright side?

We're potty training Kai. He just pee'd on the floor which isn't a problem and is to be expected. But then he sat there and drove his fire truck back and forth through it. Then Noah blew out of his diaper and had diarrhea all over his bed (this happens at least once a day) and as I came in the room, I actually saw him take a handful and eat it. His face was smeared with it and now his breath smells like s**t. Is there a bright side to this? Any of you silent readers have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or how to change this ongoing situation?



Lovesgarlic said...

OK, first of all, that is so gross. I am so sorry that is happening at your house. How can a person eat their own s**t and not throw up? Seriously?!

With regard to the exploding diapers? I guess in our house that happens because we need to go up a size in diapers. I also found that it was worse when I was feeding the kids something that they were intolerant to. For example, giving Isaac the Nordic Naturals gummy vitamins (which, surprise, has soy) gives him horrible diapers. You could also try increasing Noah's insoluble fiber (think oat bran, etc) to solidify some of that poop a bit.

Driving trucks through pee? I can't help much with that. Other than screaming "No, No, NO!" as you race over to stop them. Even that didn't seem to work much in our house.

ShirleyNewLife said...

Oh poor you.... how incredibly gross that you have to deal with this. I recommend something with alchohol: sit down and drink it.

The playing in pee is probably natural. Kids don't know that it's yucky. It's just water to them. And they get praised big time for peeing. So they'd think it's a great puddle to play in.

I agree with Heather's advice about Noah(and no.. I didn't talk with her about this. Sometimes we think alike all on our own.)

Sounds like Noah is allergic to something in the food or meds. He may be getting gluten, soy, or lactose that's hidden.
Call Heather, she knows the most about all of this. And she's understands the feelings of "I can't deal with one more food allergy" !!!!

If you give Noah oat bran, make sure it's gluten free oat bran. Otherwise gluten contaminated oat bran will cause more diaper blow out.

Debby said...

so do I just grind up uncooked oatmeal and sprinkle it on everything he eats? In his belly will it be like one of those tiny pills that turns into a sponge dinosaur when you add water? Thanks for the help and empathy!