Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Noah Challenge Take 2

Tonight I put one diaper on him the regular way. Then I attached two diapers together end-to-end and wrapped those around his belly just above the waist of the normal diaper. I think Noah needs diaper suspenders or something. The problem is (besides the continuous diarrhea) is that he has a huge low-tone belly and teeny tiny bum, so the diapers just slide down off his bum when he curls up to sleep. I think this same problem is why fat old guys wear suspenders, to keep their pants on their butts. Anyway, we think that duct tape would be bad for Noah's skin and the whole tourniquet potential scares me too. So, we will try the around-the-belly diaper tonight and see what happens. After this, I think we just won't put a diaper on him at bedtime anymore. At least we won't be surprised or disappointed in the morning. We'll KNOW there is a mess and no chance for no mess.

Oh yeah, Kai has a 104.3 fever today. Heather, I hope your boys don't get this or that they didn't catch e.coli or something at the beach with all the geese. No diarrhea yet for Kai, just the fever. We were supposed to go to our neighbor's little girl's 2nd birthday today. We had to keep Kai home and he was SO SAD to see our neighbors loading up the car with cake, presents and balloons to go to Gymboree. However, he fell asleep 10 minutes later and slept for 3 hours. I kept thinking about how hard it was to make him miss the fun and sleep and how he couldn't possibly know that Chad and I really had his best interests at heart. It broke my heart to have to tell him he couldn't go! Chad and I were also supposed to go out on a date tonight, but since a temp of 104.3 is a little scary, we cancelled that too. I can't help but wonder if God is doing something similar for Chad and I that we did for Kai. Maybe he's keeping us from something that seems really good and fun, for our own good. "He makes me lie down..." Ps.23 We MADE Kai lay down with his choking sobs and feverish body. I'm really not sure how wanting my husband to get a job (preferably that he likes), wanting my children to stay healthy for at least 3 days in a row, not wanting to go back to work as a vet (or as a Rite Aid employee), not having to sell/rent our condo, not wanting to have to make my own daily bread and not wanting to add Autism to my plate, are bad things. But for some reason all these things are present with us. I don't feel like I'm "laying down in green pastures"...more like "thrown into a hospital tent after an amputation during the Civil War." BUT...I KNOW that God cares for me more than I care for Kai and that He can hear me begging him for a change just like I can't ignore Kai's voice begging to go to the party. He CAN hear me. I do believe that He wants to give me good things, but for some reason, not now. So, tonight, I will enjoy that my new FREE shampoo smells like a tropical breeze, that my bread came out AWESOME tonight and I will hope that my Gerry-rigged diapers will keep Noah's poop in.


Chad said...

I'm thinking he sleeps in the tub (no water, of course) before we go to no diapers...

Lovesgarlic said...

How about at least using plastic sheets. Seriously, that is the worst thing ever. I am so sorry.

ShirleyNewLife said...

I'm so sorry that Kai is sick. I sincerely hope that we didn't make him get sick. We kept him away from the area with the goose poop.

I'm also so sorry for you that you are going through the poop hell. That totally sucks. I hope your diaper wrap works.

Another idea: What about putting old-fashioned plastic diaper pants on him. These are the plastic pants that cover cloth diapers. Those things keep in a multitude of stinky things.

"I call on you, O God, for You will answer me; give ear to me & hear my prayer." Psalm 17:6

This verse helped me so much as I was praying for you this week. I hope it is encouraging to you, too.

You are doing so great as you go through this hard time. So many positive things have come about during these 6 months. I know... they don't seem so positive to you right now. But when you look back, you'll be astounded at the awesome things God has done for you.
(Like when Dad was out of work for 1 1/2 years --- and yet at the end, our bank balance ended up being almost the same as when we started. How I worried about money during those1 1/2 years. Yet God showed me that He was providing in ways I never expected. Manna and Quail and more.)

It's so great to see what you wrote about knowing that GOD hears your prayers. I know that He is answering your prayers and our prayers for you. Yes, sometimes we have to wait, wait, and wait some more. I don't know why God seems to stretch us to our limits. Maybe it's so that we let go of our limits / boundaries / self-reliance. And so that we rely on God totally.

Sheep don't like to lay down. Neither to we. When God makes us lie down in green pasture, it takes us time to see that the pasture is REALLY GREEN and a GOOD PLACE.

Your analogy about Kai having to miss the birthday party and take a nap - and you could hear his sobbing ---- was such a good analogy.

Here's a thought.... maybe God isn't so interested in forcing you to go to work as a vet ---- but more in helping you heal from the bad memories and crud you went through in vet school and vet practice. The lessons God has for us are never the ones that we expect. It's usually about inner transformation and healing.

ShirleyNewLife said...

One more thing...

I'm so thankful that you wrote about the things that are bothering you. Is really good to journal that stuff - and get it out.

I got pictures of Kai, Isaac, and David making their "silly faces". They took great delight in making their faces look silly for the camera. I laughed so much at their antics. These little boys were acting like bigger boys.

The 3 boys and I had quite a chat about how Nana has enough kisses and love for all of them (and all the other cousins, too). That I don't run out. They were so happy about that and had big smiles.

Love you so much.

Debby said...

Thanks for writing all that, Mom. That was really nice. Please send me the pics of the boys when you get a chance!