Thursday, July 9, 2009

the noah challenge

Ok. Tonight we're trying 2 diapers. Plus I eliminated soy and dairy from his diet, so now my bread is gluten/dairy/soy free. Plus I only fed him rice, chicken and applesauce today. No beans, fruit or veggies (all things that I was trying wash down my tub drain this morning after hosing Noah off). The kid gets my sick dog diet from back when I was a vet. Well, I added the applesauce for him and not the dogs! :) It was a pretty crummy day yesterday. The kids were being punks. They were defecating all over my house (oh yeah, Kai tried to shake his poop out of his diaper and into the toilet, but he missed and it hit the least when i was a vet I got to wear coveralls when I dealt with poop!), Chad and I were crabby about money and jobs and it wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't stop raining!! Horrible day!

Today, however, was magnitudes better. The kids were delightful and didn't whine, or cry or pester each other nearly as much. The sun shone. Chad got another lead on a job and we all went outside this evening to play in the setting sun. Kai shared his bike with Zeze and said, "Zeze you can have a turn first!" Is this the same kid that was kicking Zeze yesterday and yanking toys out of his hands? Then Kai spontaneously said he loved me and gave me a big hug! Then a unicorn danced by and gave me a pot of gold! Ok, I made that last part up, but today was so drastically different than yesterday that the entire description sounds made up to me! I'll take it though! We sure needed it!

I'll let you know how the Noah challenge goes tomorrow. We'll see if he ends up screaming in the tub and covered in poop like every other morning. Night Night!


Lovesgarlic said...
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Lovesgarlic said...

I have started keeping a canister of Clorox wipes in our upstairs bathroom. Every morning, I take one and wipe down the floor around the toilet. I started doing this after Tom passed out in the bathroom. While lying on the floor, 1/2 out of it, he says: Our floor really smells like pee. And he was right.

As the sole female in the house, I am 100% certain I am not responsible for pee on the floor. And, I am saving up for a female only bathroom. I figure that I will have enough money for this right around the time the boys are teenagers. Even still, I don't mind. What female wants to share a bathroom with three grown men? NOT ME.

PS and double ha, ha. The word verification for this post is "hookers" - I kid you not.

Lovesgarlic said...

I deleted my first post because of spelling errors. Trying to keep up the image of someone who can spell.